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Death Valley 1

Africa has been consuming most of my thoughts and energy lately…..but I did take a little road trip with some good friends of mine.


Not even going to tell you where


Took some quiet time away from the city


Quiet the mind, and feed my soul.

Luckily we brought my friend Ryan who takes amazing photos


I have some more camera phone pictures here

and you should really check out some quality photos here

Here I come Africa 0

Big Developments in the world of Joshua. I recently got confirmation of our plans to go to Africa.

This is an answer to my prayers….I’m been sharpening my skills as a story teller with hopes of getting a chance to tell a story that I feel very passionately about and this is it.
Learn more at this site:


I would encourage you to subscribe and check in on this adventure as we have big plans….

and will be updating regularly.

animated 0

learning how to animate pictures


Brazilian Found Sounds 0

I worked on this film with David Zucker in the summer of 2006 as an Editor

San Fransisco Treat 0

I stayed with my friend Grogen, when I went to SF with Delta Spirit.

this video about sums it up

I haven’t had much time to edit but here are some glimpses into the philosophies of Johnny Jameson and Delta Spirit

Kassim the dream 2

I worked as an Assistant editor on this film, and it’s going to be premiering at Tribeca Film festival

TRavel TV 0

I worked on this producing this show in 2006, that was suppose to be a documentary style show to help inspire US youth to travel more.

What is your happiness? 0

I posted my first attempt at cutting a trailer for H-factor a couple weeks ago, and then went back and re-worked it, to give it more meat, and tension….it’s still rough, I still have my scratch voice over tracks, and the montages will be edited tighter, but you can get a sense of where its going.

Chelsea 1

Went to Chelsea to check out whats hot in the Art world,

here is your virtual tour with me


For those of you who haven’t been there are pretty much three blocks all filled with galleries


I like religous themes


Another artist/photographer using themselves as there subject


Never underestimate the power of flesh


These were almost too real, I really like the effect of water dropplets


with so much art, everyone is trying to break out of the box

This guy was an amazing painter, but choose to leave his paintings, with this empty unfinshed look


You can’t tell but this is like 10 ft by 10ft


Some really cool glazes


I like how the different layers of this painting were stitched together


This is my favorite picture I took, the context in which this art was viewed is what gave it most of its value


The title of this exhbit made me think for a bit what it meant….what does it mean to you?



This is what I want to do, create some Video Installations
There isn’t any money in it, but as long as you get get some organisations to fund your work it seems rather rewarding.

having multiple images at once, allows more room for the viewer interpretation.


Some favorites from the street



This is one of my favorites

I could go on forever but I just wanted to share a taste with you

Some random thoughts about NY

I was taught that Black was the Absence of color, but it seems like the opposite these days. Walking around the streets of NY, black seems to be the common denominator between all these different people.

NY is full of rich culture, as it seems many are first or second generation Americans, and stuck close within their cultural community for support. One of the most visual examples are the Hassidic Jews. We took a drive around Williamsburg to observe this tight knit community. There dress quickly sets them apart, they start very young, as i saw 4-5 year olds walking around with the hair style, and black suits on. After talking with my friend I learned more about the culture; they don’t watch TV or movies, don’t hold hands on the street, and won’t work after sundown of Friday, and eat family dinners together. I’m fascinated by this sub-culture and have been racking my brain on how I might get access to tell these people story. One night on my way back from the city, I picked a paper who’s headline was discussing one Hassidic Jew’s decision to back out of a movie that he was staring in with Natalie Portman, due to pressure from the rabbi’s. The Hasidic pride themselves on the religious devotion, and is root for their culture.

I also got to explore the Columbian Community with some of my friends, and we even ventured into the Indian Community for a night to watch a Bolly-wood film, Jodaa Akbar.

I still dream about making a Film about gypsies, as I find I know very little about what truly goes on in these subcultures, and would like to find an interesting story tell, with my own style.



Had a busy day today….my official work for H-factor is over and now I’m enjoying being in a different city for a couple days. I’ve been shooting the random things that stand out to me, a couple street performers, random people, and even ended up shooting a show tonight. I met a young guy on the street playing his Violin named Marques Toliver and ended up filming him performing a song

It’s funny that I happen to be in New York when all the Elliot Spitzer drama has been going down. It’s all over the papers here, there was a few page spread all about the prositute he got busted with; they’re were 4 or five pictures, quotes from here blog and myspace, and in the words of one of the guys on the subway, ” this shit is blowing her up, I heard she already got an offer from Playboy”. So after a couple days, he finally decided to resign, and NY now has a new Governor from Harlem… There have been many comparrisons to the Clinton scandal, and in the same way Spitzers wife is choosing to stand behind him.It must be hard to have all that power in politics, because it seems alot of them mess up. I wish I had more light to shine on the subject, but it seems the consensus is, if you get caught, you loose the faith of the people and you have to step down.

Got a little Body Art done today


My friends were busy tonight, so I decided to go out by myself, and see what the night life was like. Being the nerd that I am I still had my cameras with me that I had been lugging around with me all day. I went to Union Pool in Williamsburg, where I got a couple drinks, and was thinking about seeing the band Wilderness play…

I was siiting outside by the fire making small talk with the guy sitting next to me, and asked him if he was going to see the bands play, and he said yes, and was talking about photoshop and other random things before telling me he was in the Band. So when I was getting ready to go inside, I found out they were sold out…..bummer I thought, but a second later Brian, my friend from the band asked me my last name and said he was putting me on the list…..what good luck I thought, and although I hadn’t planned on filming the show, I thought I might as well now that I got in free, and was a special guest of the band. I found my way up to the sound booth, and eventually found myself standing on the bar filming the show…. this is a natural thing for me these days, and even though I didn’t go to SXSW I still got to check out some good music, and on a more intimate level….

the set was all new, after the band had taken a 2 year hiatus……
Heres a cool mural I came across while wandering the streets


I can’t tell if this makes me want a cigarette, or quit, I guess a little of both.


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