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Darius Twin Flip-books 0

Darren Pearson made these when he was in 7th grade, while he was on crutches

Donkey has moves 0

Alex meiners is my hero

Rough Sober Living 0

roughing out a teaser for a project that Ravished Hearts is working on about The Sober Living Coalition

Tipsy at spaceland 1

I spend a lot of times at shows, so it takes a lot to impress me,

I like the fresh sound this band Growler has

One of my favorites, and good friends of mine Voxhaul Broadcast

I had a little too good of time, I was a little drunk filming the set…..

The Echo Park 2

This is what a typical day looks like in Echo Park, when I’m not working

Psychedelic Voxhaul 0

Psychedelic video for Voxhaul Broadcast

barak hussien obama 1

I hope you get the irony of this piece.

Happy Turkey Day 1

Happy turkey day is a video I cut highlighting an event that Ravished Hearts, a non-profit that I help start, hosted in south central LA. Music courtesy of Delta Spirit.

Our site will be up soon