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Raw::::Style 3

I don’t usually post things made by others, but today when watching this video it felt like something I would do.  I like how intimate it feels.  

Life, or something like it 0

bw_will.jpgWiILLIAM HEREFORDrocolaundry.jpgMore random shots of the daily life of ROCO and I

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two things I like 

Photo-Fun 2

sometimes I have to remind myself not to think too much  light.jpgsara.jpgrocobubble.jpg  rocobike.jpgsilohette.jpg rocdeezy.jpg galloway2.jpgwelkena.jpg windowsa.jpgwindow.jpgtree.jpg  

Broadway Junction 1

broadwayroco.jpgone of our local stops is full of characters broadway1.jpg here you go ryan 

always learning 1

teaching myself some after effects…..I know its rough, but this will only get better 

Soy Ecuador 0

I made this awhile ago while working aboard The Scholarship, I helped guide the Post Graduate Intl. Communications through making this mini Documentary about the future of Ecuador in 5 days.  It just recently got some subtitles so us English Speakers can actually know whats going on.  It’s also in French if you prefer.

watch behind the scenes HERE

Thank you Eddie for the Patch 0

Randoms goldie.jpg Goldie it was good while it lasted thehood.jpgcorner store  store.jpg Key Foods in Bushwickhome-studio.jpgHome Studiobikeporn.jpg Shooting BIKE PORNelliepark.jpgI took my new lady Ellie to the Botanical Gardenstwofavs.jpg With my friend Jessica jewpark.jpg  Gonna try and shoot more now that my comps up and running again 

no tiene photoshop 2

I took some pictures today, but unfortunately I don’t have a working copy of Photoshop so I can’t process and post.(let me know if you can help me out)  But in case you like looking at my daily photos HERES A LINK TO FEBUARARY photo-765200.jpg

1 year of photos 1

I’ve switched my Daily Photo Blog to Flickr, as it integrates much easier than my previous blog.What’s funny, is I started that blog almost exactly one year ago.   There’s about 1000 photos taken of my life.  It starts HERE and I think its interesting to look at in chronological order…. 1000 is a bit much, but this is december/november I suggest putting on your favorite song and scrolling You should comment me and tell me about your favorites  If you still want more HERES JANUARY 

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