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Old friends in New places 2

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mgmt8.jpgryan and I invited some friends over mgmt2.jpg so naturally we decided to play dress upmgmt6.jpgmgmt3.jpg mgmt7.jpgwe did a little filmingmgmt4.jpgmgmt5.jpgmgmt1.jpgPretty typical night for us

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Did some freelance shooting for

These piece was about Mike Sullivan, an Art director whose stop motion project has taken on a life of its own.


Check the video out HERE

Africa 2

Been working on Finishing WAZI Teaser.   africa.jpg Don’t want to forget what I experienced while I was there

Creative Writing 1


Something to dig your teeth into

Meaty in that Veggie kind of way,

Wild hair pulled back into scarves,

Curly with smiles to the ends


She sat down and pulled her suitcase up next to her.

Her shoes were leather, but they had cracks like the deep rivers they had passed through on their way to getting here.  These deep blue boots looked almost black in the fading light of this late afternoon.  Her suitcase had three straps, of which only two were working.   Her tights, wore patterns rooted in the past, like dancing Indians on the in sides of caves.  It was her dress, that showed her elegance, with handmade lace, that had passed through many hands on its way to her. 

There was a grace in the way she crossed her legs which I would only assume was something she learned from watching her mother.  I could tell she felt a little out of place here in this small train station.  Her soft fingers were the kind I would imagine would caress the ivory of a piano, an investment that was more of her fathers than her own.   I bet as time passes she’ll learn to appreciate it more.

         Her nails were chipped, but managed to stay free from the dirt, that consumed this city.  Some of her hair had fallen from the clip she had quickly used to pull it back.   The curls held tight as evidence to the fact it had been a while since its last washing.  

         As soon as she sat she took out a book and began reading, I couldn’t quite see what it was, but it could have been anything from Greek philosophy to poetry.  She looked as if she had read it all, in literature courses in the old brick college.

DookSpirit 2

DookSpirit from Joshua Ballinger on Vimeo.

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