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Dancer in the Dark 0

While walking home the other night, I was inspired by the lines of the scaffolding and decided to stop take a picture.

This actually made me think of my friend Darius Twin, who loves finding interesting compositions, and painting his own characters in with light.

I used Laura

Willy 0

Went over to William’s for after dinner drinks

“Now you got the juice” 0

I’ve never had much job security in my field of work, and after being laid off in November, I was desperately looking for any work I could get, so I could keep my apartment. My old friend from San Clemente Erin Greenman knew about my predicament and was able to get me a temp job with her company Blue Print Cleanse.Blue Print Cleanse Thus began my life as a “Juice man”

While being in the Office I quickly learned about why our BPC juices were right for you….

I enjoyed having an unlimited supply to fresh juices, and did my best to keep my fridge stocked and to be more conscious of all the food I am putting in my body.

People would often ask what was inside our juices

I love the color of the green juice.
I invited myself to a video shoot that Zoe and Erica (Owners of BPC) were doing for some web programing.

Chris Zoe’s Husband directed the shoot

He wasn’t so into the behind the scenes documentary photos

I think all he really wanted was a picture of they’re new book