A group of young Ecuadorian girls gather together in excitement in the courtyard of a small school.  In the middle stands Joshua, a guy who looks like he could be Jesus (that is if Jesus smoked, wore self-made silk-screened t-shirts, skinny jeans and funky hats).  In his hands he holds the key to their delight:  a video camera.  Joshua bends down, and in broken Spanish asks the girls about their dreams.  Joshua is shooting for a documentary about some of the programs that are being started in Ecuador to invest in the children.

While Joshua’s subject matter varies, he approaches each new project with the same excitement, and with dedication to telling his stories.  Joshua aims to find the balance of light and dark in his stories, as he sees this as being an important part of story telling.

Joshua has traveled the world over in an attempt to discover this balance in his own life.  Through these different worldly experiences, Joshua has developed a deep appreciation for different cultures and an eye for the simple things everyone shares.  His love for life and other people has led him to a greater understanding of the human condition that he wants others to see through the in-depth character studies of his subjects.

Being the son of an artist and a lawyer, Joshua grew up in an environment where creativity was encouraged from an early age. Being raised in Southern California, some of his first experiments with media were photographs and short films that documented his love for surfing, skating and playing music.  He went on to study film and digital media at UC Santa Cruz and it was during this time that he says he developed his critical thinking, his ability to see things from different angles, and his appreciation for the avant-garde.  He also developed a strong interest in the potential of modern communication through such mediums as the Internet.

Since graduating a few years ago, Joshua has joined the newest generation of young entrepreneurs.  He and three other friends started a screen-printing collective called Hacienda Prints, where their designs and philosophies can reach the masses while earning a little extra cash.  Joshua is also the co-founder of Ravished Hearts, a non-profit media company that has worked with Dream Center in Los Angeles, as well as Sober Living Network.  He claims to be a “Freelancer Extraordinaire”, with credits building like assistant editor on the documentary “Kassim the Dream” (dir. Kief Davidson of “Devil’s Minor”), head of production on “H Factor” (dir. Lisa Kamen), along with marketing and branding ventures with companies such as Red Bull, Hitachi, NBC and Paramount, and even a stint teaching on the Scholarship, a study Abroad program(thescholarship.com). He also producing a couple projects of his own, with subjects ranging from cultural identity of Mexican-Americans living in Los Angeles, to rock bands trying to bring the soul back to America.

It is obvious to everyone who knows Joshua that he is not afraid to try new things, and his friends all look forward to seeing where his many endeavors take him. He is currently living in Los Angeles and continuing to work freelance on a variety of projects, as well working on and developing his own projects.

Written  by Danielle Greene 2007